Kemsa Scandal Takes Another Twist As Raila’s Ally Makes The Following Revelation


The Kemsa scandal left Kenyans in shock, as it was revealed that several billions meant for Covid 19 kits had ended up in people’s pocket.

Few months ago,the Parliementary Committee summoned Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe,over claims leveled against him that he was part of the Kemsa scandal,where four billions got lost.

Murathe however, pointed out that he was not involved,but named some of the close associates of DP Ruto,being those behind the heist.

And now Raila’s Ally and Kisumu East MP Shakeel Shabbir,has lifted a lid on the Kemsa scandal report.

The MP said that the Kemsa scandal is just like a tick on the tail of elephant and that everyone knows those responsible for the loot.

“Everybody,every Kenyan knows those who are behind the Kemsa scandal.This country lacks a system of how we do things and deal with corruption,” the MP said.

He also revealed that even Anglo-leasing and other scandals that have rocked the government,have not been solved and some cases are still tailing 20 years as at now.

He also revealed that a certain leader found to have been involved in corruption in Kenya and due to be an ambassador to Australia,was rejected by Australia because of their stand on corruption.

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