5 Best Exercises To Grow Your Inner Chest


If you have tried to grow your chest you must agree that the most stubborn part to grow is your inner chest which is the part connected to the sternum. Most guys wish to have that good defined inner chest called “guy cleavage”. But don’t know what to do and the best inner chest exercises to include.

Although the compound chest movements like the Barbell bench presses and Dumbbell bench presses help build the chest as a whole, they do not majorly grow the inner part as most of us wish and for that reason we have no choice but incorporate some isolation movements that target the inner chest.

For you to really target the inner chest, you need to focus on exercises that encourage you to move your arms towards the middle line of the chest “sternum” )or even cross). Below are some of the exercise that you can add to your chest routine to really target that stubborn inner chest and have it get the definition that you really dream of.

Begin by grabbing your two dumbbells on both hands and lay flat on your bench. Lift them straight above the chest and extend your arms outward from your shoulders really focusing on stretching the chest and then back to the starting position and repeat for reps. Make sure to arc your arms a little bit to avoid any risk of injury and also to squeeze at the top.
BONUS TIP: You can do them on different angles i.e incline and decline bench


Hold your two dumbbells on both hands and lay on your bench. Lift your dumbbells perpendicular to the ground and squeeze them together. Bring them down to your chest as you maintain the squeezing and then back to the starting position and repeat for reps.


Set the cable machine at the height of your shoulders and grab the handles. Move one of your legs forward and set yourself at a good position. open your arms outside to really stretch your pecs and then arc them forward towards your middle chest with arms extended


Hold a light weight plate for the start and lie down on a bench. Hold the plate by the faces and squeeze it together as if you’re trying to crash it. Press it upward as you maintain the squeeze and bring down towards your chest and repeat for reps. Start with a light weight and increase the weight as you master the exercise


Begin by going down to a push up position with your hands close to each other such that your thumb and index finger from both hands form a diamond shape. Go down as your keep your core tight and engaged until your chest touches the hands and come back to the starting position and repeat for reps.


Try adding these exercises into your chest day and watch that stubborn inner chest grow. Remember, it’s all about contraction. Also focuses on progressively increasing the weight and volume. Always remember that “NOTHING CAN REPLACE HARDWORK”

By Earn Tsen


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