Amira Explains Why She’s Still Married To Jimal Despite Him Cheating


Nairobi businesswoman and Jimal’s first wife Amira has once again found herself facing the question on why she is still married to city tycoon Jimal Marlow, despite him being always disrespectful and cheating on her.

Amira opened up on the subject on the segment for a Q&A session with her followers on her insta stories.

One curious fan took the opportunity and asked ” Why are you in your marriage with Jamal disrespecting you, why can’t you leave.”

In her response Amira hinted that she had already removed the Matatu Operators Association chairman from her heart, and no longer loves him despite being legally married to him.

She said ” There’s a big difference between marriage on paper and marriage behind closed doors, I don’t know which one you’re asking I’m still in.”

It is well remembered that Amira’s problems with her hubby Jamal Marlow all started after socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray came into the picture earlier this year.

The businessman even later married her as the second wife, however this didn’t go well with the first wife Amira and the duo would always take a jab at each other on numerous occasions online.

Amira even never recognized their marriage as a legal one, because she allegedly never saw any wedding documents to support it.

At one time the sassy mother of two even vowed not to go anywhere despite the situation.

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