New Twist As Witnesses Spill The Beans On Kianjokoma Brothers Cause Of Death, Reveal The Following


The death of the two Kianjokoma brothers from Kiambu has taken another turn as eye witness spills the beans on the cause of their death.

The two brothers who were allegedly caught in the night past curfew hours were brutally beaten by the police resulting into their death.

As their bodies are set to be laid to rest Friday, eye witness have come out and explain what happened in that fateful day. The witness are also said to had been hiding in escape of the police wrath but they managed to see what was going on.

According to reports on Tuesday, the witness revealed that Mutura was the first person to be caught by the police. He was hit with an object which left him unconscious on the ground later his brother Benson Ndigwa went to rescue his brother but he also ended up being hit and arrested too.

Reports revealed that the two brothers were brutally injured by the police who later ushered them in the front seats of the police vehicle. In a statement, the witness thought that they were taking them to the police of which they later refuted the claims that the two brothers jumped from the car.

According to the witness, they did not ask where the police were taking the two brothers, Benson Ndigwa 22 and Mutura Ndigwa 19. They thought that the police were taking them to the hospital following the injuries they were going through.

The police allegedly claimed that the young men were trying to escape the police radar and as a result they decided to jump out of the police car.

Their claims were shut down after the government pathologist conducted an autopsy which revealed that they were killed by injuries caused by blunt objects.


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