Raila Names The Thieves That Uhuru Will Not Hand Over Power Come 2022


The terrain of differences between President Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto seem to be only growing deeper than before, at it was just last week when the President publicly called on his Deputy to resign.

It still the same same week that Mr Kenyatta made it clear that he was not going to hand over power to thieves when his term ends in 2022, a statement that sparked reactions from netizens.


While Uhuru did not mention any individual’s name in particular, many believed that the statement was directed at his Deputy. Scandals of him having grabbed land and government resources made people believe it so, even though he hasn’t been prosecuted for any yet.

Orange Democratic Movement leader, Mr Raila has been blamed severally for how things are falling apart and the troubles facing the Jubilee marriage.

Raila has now broken his silence and has named the thieves Uhuru was speaking about and why they are unfit to lead the country.

Speaking in Narok yesterday as established by the Standard today, Raila has linked Ruto and his brigade to the thieves Uhuru was talking about.

According to Raila, Uhuru has completely lost his trust in Ruto and his allies who are a bunch of thieves.

Raila then went on to caution Kenyans against such people whom according to him are unfit to lead this country.

Raila also made it clear that he had not joined the government as Ruto was going around the country linking Raila with Jubilee’s failures.

By Teenie


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