Most people work and plan, but they do not seem to get anywhere worthwhile, and the reason for this is that they have not spent enough of their time thinking about what they want from their career and have not also set their goals. When one needs to achieve several objectives, they have to consider what they want to achieve and then commit to it. One is advised to set smart goals that provide motivation and analyze them in a book to make them feel tangible. The steps to make to realize the goals and work through each one of them should be identified. Setting goals gives one the energy to think about the ideal future and turn the goals into reality. Setting the goals also helps in choosing the way of life and precisely knowing what you want to achieve helps one identify where to concentrate the efforts. Notably, to succeed in an engineering program, one has to set great goals to complete an undergraduate degree.

To accomplish my dream and successfully achieve the goals, I have first to list the short term and long-term plans and the actions I should take to achieve them. Setting goals will help me make decisions about the engineering classes I will attend and identify the extracurricular activities, research, and internships that will enable me to complete my course successfully. I have to identify my career option for my engineering course by identifying my interests, skills, and values through self-assessment. I should increase my knowledge and strategize on how to perform well in my exams to graduate with a good class and get my certificate. Setting these goals helps me convert my hopes and dreams into practical, actionable tasks that make them a reality. Through the SMART goal setting method, one can turn the plans into reality. Moreover, the above plan is a macro goal that is mainly achieved by setting down the ultimate goals.


Secondly, I have to think about what to do to get to the end of my semester goals in my engineering program. I have to set incremental goals that will give me a regular sense of achievement and progress towards my overall engineering program achievement. My main goals here are to make sure that I have revised all my exams, finished my exams, graduated, and wrote a curriculum vitae, which I will send to several employers for me to gain an interview. These micro goals will help me gain a sense of purpose for each day as I progress towards the end of my goals and keep my motivation high. My focus and efforts on my engineering goals will be what will make me accountable for my success.

Thirdly, I will make sure that the goals that I set are attainable to prevent the risks of demoralizing myself. Setting bigger goals than the level I am will be unattainable.  However, setting a realistic achievement like finishing my exams and searching for a job in different organizations will be attained faster without stressing myself. Al what is needed to achieve my engineering program should be listed down as one of the practicalities. I should maintain a running list of operational tasks, which are simplified down into simple ideas that bring about momentum. Persevering to all the study lessons that the program needs would be a good idea that will make me study for my exams to succeed and attain my degree. Moreover, perseverance is required since engineering is not an easy course.

Following an interview with two people involved in my research, making goals realistic following the time, knowledge, and resources is a good idea. Studying will be my main goal in the engineering program, which will help me perfect my exams. According to the interviewees, special training may be forced to occur for several years to dive with the engineering studies and succeed. This forces one to make realistic goals that can be obtained according to one’s ability, skills, experience, and finances. Goals made should be time-bound, whereby they are committed to a certain time frame to feel motivated to continue the studies and make good preparations for the engineering examination (DiNapoli, pg.443). Allowing oneself enough time to make good preparations and achieve the goals helps prevent the targeted goals’ failure. All these plans made for the engineering program require one to have perseverance and strengthen the perseverance.

Conclusively, perseverance keeps one moving regardless of the setbacks and challenges available. It is an inner drive that keeps one motivated regardless of the forces of quitting. Perseverance also needs a clear image of what they expect from the engineering program towards graduation and post-graduation. Preventing failure from keeping one down is a form of perseverance since it is always part of the success process. Regardless of the many times failure has stricken one’s way of successfully quitting is not the solution but rather keeps moving, aiming at the set goals.


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