Reason Why Diamond Platnumuz Assalted Wema Sepetu Revealed


Tanzania Bongo Star Diamond Platnumuz is said to be missing his first lover Wema Sepetu.Diamond

This is after the release of his latest song video. In this song the ‘ Waaah ‘hitmaker recounted how one of his lovers made him not love again after their breakup.

He alleged that he had fallen head over heels in love and all he wanted back then was to spend every minute of his life with her. Everyone could tell it was Wema Sepetu.

Days after his confession, Wema came out to described how one of her exes had promised to never lay a hand on a woman but ended up hitting and beating her up

According to the socialite, he loved every bit of the violence. After some teasing and pushing from her friends, she revealed that the Ex was Diamond.operanews1631261190159operanews1631261204918

According  to a close friend, Simba turned violent after getting flirting messages on her phon

This caused mixed reactions with some people wondering if the two had any plans of reconciling because it is weird that they started talking about their past after years.

Others alleged Wema was trying to get Diamond’s attention. Why her though when he started it?operanews1631261198273operanews1631261194070.

Okay if she’s flirting you dump her not best the s*hit out of her jameni
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