Below are consequences if sex education is not implemented;

1; Unwanted pregnancy

Lack of sexual education to youths and young people can lead to early and unwanted pregnancy since there is no knowledge for abstinence or use of protection.

2; Sexually transmitted diseases

Lack of sex education to youth may lead to transmission of sexually transmitted diseases since the youths lack knowledge about diseases that one could attract during sexual behaviors. These diseases include; syphilis, gonorrhea.

3; Sexual violence

Sexual education helps avoid violence and war amongst partners; lack of this education causes violence and sexual harm.

4; Make a poor sexual decision

Lack of sexual education to people disadvantages them with the knowledge to make a rightful decision, and they may end up making regrettable decisions.

5; Lack of knowledge

Lack of sexual education disadvantages an individual since they lack the understanding of sexual and reproductive health.

6; Lack of Self-Efficacy

Most individuals find themselves at risk during their sexual activity since they lack control to refuse sexual activity or use of protection.

7; Infection of diseases such as Hiv/Aids

A person without the knowledge of sexual activity may not know the need to abstain or use protection, which may risk them contracting diseases.


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