break up

Break Up? Hmm! Where should I start? From where I’ve never been in a relationship before but broken beyond repair endlessly or where she snatched me from my love and left me for death? Okay. I’ll start with neither. My love life is like a movie sequel on repeat mode. I’ve seen the worst side of love but I keep on loving, regardless. Enough with my story already, right?

How to move on after a break up? First, work on yourself. Can you tell the person you used to be before your relationship ended? No! Right? While in a relationship we develop different characters to accommodate the other and when it comes to a traggic end, you wonder, will I be the same person? Take the end as a new chapter, regain your confidence and self esteem. Gradually you’ll pick up and be the person you were ready to move on. Work on yourself!

Second, write down everything that pisses you off. Writing down will help you avoid posting sad posts on your social media accounts. One will quickly judge you by your post. That’s the least thing you can do, posting your love issues on social media. Posting won’t help! Take a pen and a paper, write all the things that pissed you off. At night, when the moon is glowing and the stars twinkling set the paper ablaze and let it burn away with the words on it. Write down everything that pisses you off!

Third, write your way forward. The past is the past, the new time tells. Writing your way forward will help you focus on the next thing. The next thing! I mean your next love escapade. When writing down your way forward ask yourself; what do I seek in my next love escapade? Did I make any mistakes? If you did, correct your mistakes. Will I endure what love brings my way? The Bible says, “Love endures it all.” Write your way forward!

Fourth, work out. To be in love is like your consuming ‘fats’ each day. To let go of the ‘fats’ you have to work out. Go for either morning or evening run, do squats, push ups, take a walk etc. Working out will help you get better and stronger as you prepare to move on. Don’t move on with ‘fats’ accumulated on your previous relationship. It’s toxic. Work out!

Fifth, do not blame yourself. We live, we love, we break, we love again and life moves on. Blaming yourself for breaking up with your partner will worsen the situation. Accept the fact you broke up and move on. We all make mistakes but life has a second chance for us not to prove but be better than who we were. Do not blame yourself!

In a nutshell, moving on is a journey. A painful journey. Although, you have to endure to see light at the end of the tunnel. For what awaits you at your destination might better than where you came from.

By Sammy Wanjala.


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