A Break Is A Break Only If You Stop Working; Why A Break Is Important


Breaks are like holidays. It is important to take a break once a while. It gives you the time to reenergize and sometimes, even go back to the baseline of your mental resource. This reads like a researched thought but it’s true. Anyway, it’s been a while but I feel energized to go on. Bear with me.

A drowning man will grasp a straw and I had to figure out an excuse for my absence. Either way, I had no particular reason apart from my lazy fingers. Perhaps, it was a lack of motivation for there’s no stop-sign for a God-given talent. So to help a dog over a stile, search engines like Google had to chip in to help. You do realize the obsoleteness as yet. It’s the effects of the break

It’s Wise.

work break

It’s wise enough to take a break once a while. A short break is as equally important as a long break. Workaholics do not leave the room. I know my unfamiliarity with your language but I think we all ‘Does it!” at the end. The lazy do not justify yourselves yet.

It’s an uneven path balancing different responsivities in life’s weight-balance. We overlook a lot of often translated as ‘small things’ which we consider minor by undermining the sense of magnitude. With a solid foundation, anything can build. That is why it is necessary to take a break. It is the simple and small things in your life that matter the most. If you take a break, you will realize the simple things that account to your blessings and happiness. This gives you the energy to keep going every day. Do you notice your blessings? Take a break

My Invitation.

A break is a break only if you stop working. you are now figuring out the silence. Not taking a break is one of the bad things you do to yourself. I do not mean bad in a disrespectful way but in a disgusting one. I do not mean to offend you either but someone as to say something. Consider this my invitation to take a break as you read this. I want you to feel happy, productive and loved.

Something about taking a break is the energy that it comes with next. I feel energized writing this but creatively fatigued. Maybe I need another break but if I choose to do that, you may never get to read of this. But since you have it already on your screen, you know how the story goes. The creative spark on this is fading and I respect my reputation as yours truly. To avoid getting boring, check out the next article when I will have explored the lengths of my creativity away from the blues of a break.

Meanwhile, after this would you mind taking a break?

By Calpas


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