‘Killer Cop’ Caroline Kangongo Speaks From The Hide Out, Gives Police This Condition For Her To Surrender


Corporal Caroline Kangogo has spoken out from her hideout giving those who are hunting for her one condition for her to surrender.

According to sources on the communication between, the alleged killer Cop and the detectives, caroline wished not to be detained in any of police station as she feared for her life due to the increased cases of extrajudicial killings in police cells believed to be executed by police.

She also feared due to the increased cases of suspects disappearing mysteriously and later on being found dead.

This comes shortly after the law society of kenya hired veteran lawyer Khaminwa to represent her in court and bargain her case with the police incase she surrendered.

Khaminwa however refuted claims that he had communicated with Kangogo and added that he has never met or interacted with her earlier.He stated that all they were offering to her was representing her in court and that she should feel free to reach out to them and that she can even share her location with them for them to escort her to the police and help her surrender.


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