We often find ourselves in debates of whether you would date or even get married to someone from a lower or higher social background .

Let’s call a spade a spade here. Would you get married to a guy from a ‘poor’ background in the name of love?   Okay how I see it if you all from the same status is fine because you understand each other. The debate is on would you really risk your future in the name of love? I personally thought  dating someone from a different background richer or poorer wasn’t a big deal until I met one guy, we fell in love or I atleast knew he loved me and I did love him too and was even ready to settle with him until one day I had to attend an event with him cause it was a couple’s thing and my guy showed up alright. He came dressed in whatever at a grand event and I had not really noticed his odd dressing code until that day cause remember I was in love with him and not his background and love is blind now, isn’t it?

Honestly that day I was obviously embarrassed but I played the good girlfriend and pointed it out later when we got home because I was concerned for me for him for us. The problem comes in here cause most of you will say I overreacted but this guy was offered a job by my dad a few months back and he turned it down so that he could look like a ‘man’ and so far he wasn’t able to land any job. He was comfortable staying home cause I was providing. So back to that day as we were talking he obviously threw the “you don’t really love me, you’re just with me because of pity” line and I (obviously had to find some reason to leave him even if it was dumb) told him that I was tired of being his atm so we broke it off. That was the day I gave my future a thought, did I really want this for my kids, for myself?

I felt like he would pull me down somehow. Yeah I know breakthroughs happen but let’s be realistic here, they don’t just happen to everyone and most certainly not to lazy people. Again do you always have to go through struggles to have a good life? Many people today have this wild thought that they will be successful one day and you won’t have a good story to tell about how it came to be . It is this disease that’s eating up ladies where they stick by a broke lazy man in the name of love so that they can be mentioned later on as the ones who contributed to his success only to end up in unhappy marriages with broken promises. Note I said broke lazy man, there’s a difference between a broke man with ideals, with potential , with a future and a broke man that’s lazying around and doesn’t see the need to work simply because his spouse comes from a well off family. I mean that’s my experience and opinion don’t know about yours. Men, would you marry a lady from a different background? Would you feel intimidated? Let’s engage.

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By gacherimwiritsa@gmail.com


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