Valentine’s Week Weakness and Reminiscence


Biblical Jacob

In man’s search for happiness, money and love cover the enormous percentage of the pie chart. I have not figured out the money part but I have experienced the love thing. Experience. I talk of the experimental stuff that you try out often when you feel lonesome and without a specific purpose in mind. This is why some will tell sad stories of me and some will have nothing to say of me; to say the least, I don’t feature in their stories for I never intended to. In search for Adam’s happiness, Him Mighty created Eve and there like in the Genesis my story goes in search of happiness.

“Could you be loved and still be loved? – Bob Marley”

I think I am the biblical Jacob. However, we don’t share a work ethic nor have I met someone who can enslave my will for the sake of happiness. When it happens; be sure I will narrate of my frame’s staunchness in the face of convergence here. For them not conversant with the Bible; Jacob slaved for seven years for Laban so that he would get Rachel’s hand in marriage. Period. He thought her to be a sloppy blighter and beautiful in form and appearance. He was a romantic like yours truly. When I met Racheal*, she was beautiful in form and appearance with a wild spirit and deep fierce eyes. I worked for a week too.

Let me tell you about Racheal*. They say every woman is a goddess and a man is a man. I figured out a man and a goddess would make out an excellent combo. She had figured that out too or I thought so. Whenever we talk of a love we once experienced, the sad ending is always the flash-forward. I will spare you the thought of reading through her broken heart after we fell out of love and the goddess blamed it on man. Hang on, I still think I am the biblical Jacob.

Getting to Getty.

After seven years of labor, Laban duped Jacob and gave Leah, the elder daughter, to Jacob. Whenever I come to think of Jacobs next reaction; I always remember Getty. She was another beauty in form and appearance that I felt robbed I belief on love and relationships. Short and precise. That was her height and attitude and so does it define our endeavors in a search for happiness. An angry Jacob vowed that after the wedding week to Leah was over, he’d take Rachel for his wife as well. However, he had to labour for seven more years. I have not been counting my years in labour but I am working for Rachel. Work for the one you want and in the end you will be rewarded with something incredible. I do not believe this but some of you need something to believe in today.


It’s the Valentines weekend and I am still in my work space, lonesome and working my seven-year shift. Before I talk with the labourers, I need a minute with those celebrating happiness in love. You are right in Eden’s track trodding a path taken by Adam, Abraham, Eve, Ruth and many more to mention. Keep their best interests at heart. This is a piece of advice that you can get from only the selfish who have realized their mistakes too late to make amends. Ensure she remains safe for that love is about protecting, caring and supporting the one that you love. This is my inner romantic spirit pressing these alphabet keys. Remember I am a romantic because I know what I didn’t do.

To the brothers and sisters who belong to the streets; lets stroll down valley as you imagine situations and reminisce those past days, months and years. Do you remember a valentine? I remember this particular day when I met a lady enjoying a meal all to herself. It was one of those tough days when I usually forgot the promises that I had made under duress. Judging from the mood, she was one unhappy person and so was I. I was not interested in having my meal alone so I asked to take a seat on the other side of the table and mind my own business something that I did not intend to do neither did she. ‘I think dating is full of mistakes. sometimes you do not realize what you want from each other nowadays.’ She said and looked at me for an answer. I had the answer on me and with me but I wasn’t ready to break her heart more. I held back my breath, made an impressionable eye contact and with a fading smile said, ‘I think you were on the right road but took the wrong path.’ She slid her phone towards me. I went to the dial pad, typed my number and said ‘save as Calpas’ with a wink. In the words of The Itals; “temptations got a thing, trying to keep me away from Jah Glory.”

Regardless, I fall and later overcome.

By Calpas


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