“You’re Not In My Heart,” Samidoh Fires At Karen Nyamu


Drama contiues between vernacular singer Samidoh and Karen Nyamu after Samidoh attracted attention on social media following his recent instagram post that caused mixed reactions among his fans.

The two have have trended for weeks and had a fall out afyer Karen Nyamu decided to embarrass Samidoh by sharing a video that showed him using vulgar language.

Prior to the scandal of the video, the two had attracted criticism on social media after it was realized that Samidoh was in an extra-marital affair with Karen Nyamu and had sired a kid. Reports that followed the scandal indicated that Samidoh and Karen Nyamu may have been truly in love.

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Samidoh’s latest social media post has left many wondering whether the statement was directed to Karen Nyamu. Although the singer has avoided addressing the subject, it would appear that he is hiding behind metaphors to express himself. And who could blame him? Karen is one to not be messed with.

In the post in question, Samidoh denied being in love with a woman. He claimed that it was a lie for the woman to claim that he was in her heart. And altho the message was for a commercial advert, many feel it was a message to Karen nyamu

Who else could this be for?

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