Jamal And Amber Ray Spotted Together In Bamburi Hotel


Amber Ray is a kenyan socialite and a businesswoman recently she broke up with Jamal Roho safi who she claimed was her husband. The two have been spotted Together booking a hotel room.

It was believed that the two had already broken up and Jamal had gone back to his first wife, Amira.

Amber Ray went to her social media stating that she is used to be heartbroken and within two days she is already back to her normal life.
The two even deleted each be others pictures from Instagram.

Recently Jamal Roho safi went to his Instagram account and posted that he is missing Amber Ray .

‘I Miss her, my sweet and sour.’

Both amber ray and Jamal Roho safi have been seen together having fun in bamburi beach hotel over the past weekend.
Pictures of them together at the reception of Bamburi hotel booking a room has surfaced online.

This is a sign that both are back together or they never broke up.

I’m just wondering what Amira must be feeling. Men can embarrass you 3 o’clock in the morning and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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