Bishop Muriithi Admits To Siring A Kid Out Of Wedlock, See The Amount The ‘poor’ Bishop Can Afford For Child support


House of Grace Bishop David Muriithi has admitted to siring a child out of wedlock.

The Bishop recealed that he sired the child with a woman who sued him earlier this month over child support

Judy Mutave Muasya demanded Sh100,000 monthly upkeep for their two-year-old son.

Through her lawyer Danstan Omari, Mutave broke down the money as follows; fees at Kiota School, as Sh1,000 for salon, Sh5,000 for entertainment, Sh3,000 for utilities and Sh2,000 for her son’s toys.

She also wanted Bishop Muriithi compelled to pay Sh20, 000 for food and shopping, Sh35, 000 for house rent, Sh11, 000 for clothing and Sh10, 000 for the house help

But the man of the cloth has said he is unable to take responsibility for their son as he is poor and depends on well-wishers to survive.

In his replying affidavit, the clergyman said he can only afford Sh10,000 on a monthly basis.

“I offer to take full responsibility of paying fees for the minor and as well as payment of 10,000 per month for the minor’s upkeep bearing in mind my limited means and family responsibility,” he said.

@aHe also swore that he and Mutave were in a short-lived on and off relationship that ended in 2018.

Mutave said she entered into a romantic relationship with the married pastor in 2018 leading to the birth of their son in January 2019.

I think men are born with audacity or it’s handed to them after birth 😂😂

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