Why You Should Persevere Regardless


Sometimes, I don’t write, I cry and that I had to put on paper what I was holding on for a while. Imagine. Imagine you have found yourself in a situation where neither of your parents are in a position to help you at the moment. Not because they can’t, they can, it’s just that they’re not able to help you at the moment.

You think of your uncles, which uncles? On either side of the family and you can’t find one. Albeit, of one side, one is a millionaire but miser like a church mouse. He portrays himself as bagger and you wonder, was he not the one you saw while he struggled to make ends meet and eventually found a stepping stone?

You think of your aunties, which aunties? On either side of the family and you find one. Although, she’s caring like a mother she is, she is not able to bail you out of your troubles. She chooses to pray for you instead. Isn’t prayer the best thing you can get from a mother – your aunt?

You think of your cousins, which cousins? On either side of the family and you just smile, why? They don’t care whether you’ll make it or not. Regardless, you smile because one day, your star will shine.

You think of your brother and well, you just sigh in relief hoping that one day, he will help you like you have been dreaming he would. You think of your sisters and well, let me just keep quiet because they always cry instead of finding a solution. Haha! I love you Nasimiyu.

You look at the people you’re supposed to look after, your nieces. And tears roll down your cheek. Then, something strikes you mind, the journey to succees is not easy. Pray!

By Sammy Wanjala


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