Drama As Woman Verbally Attack Labour Cs Over Saudi Arabia Sufferings


There was a little bit of drama in during an interview on Jk Live after Lona Jerop, with  Saudi Arabia experience, called out the cabinet secretary of Labor Honorable Chelugui for always giving Kenyans fake promises over  Saudi Arabia’s Suffering.

According to Jerop, Kenyans were going through things that most  wouldn’t imagine all in the name of looking for a greener pasture for their families.

Jerop claimed that it was so unfortunate that while this was happening, they were being accused of misbehaving despite the fact that no one knew what was going on or rather happening to them in the Middle East.

“Let’s not lie to each other, you came straight from the university and got this job and just to be honest, I want to tell you that you can’t do this job especially when it comes to issues to do with Saudi Arabia. Alot of women have died while you continue giving us fake promises, you need to act “, she said.

Jerop accused the Labor Cs of not taking them seriously. She said that whenever anything happens, he would go and speak with other superiors who give them fake promises after which he leaves thinking that everything is okay.

Due to this reason, the woman who revealed what she went through called upon the Cs along with the government to look into this before things get out of hand because according to them, more Kenyans were going to leave Saudi Arabia in body bag

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