Celebrity Life


When you choose to live a celebrity life, it gives you a chance to lead a life of the person you probably wanted to be by making your dreams come true. Basing on Google’s definition; a celebrity is a famous person especially in entertainment or sport activities, usually s/he is well known and gets a lot of public attention.

Example of the current world wide know celebrities include; Oprah Winfrey who is a television personality, Beyonce a musician, James Cameroon a filmmaker and Lady Gaga a musician as well.

Most celebrities, try to become a world-know celebrity. Whenever they earn money, they burn it by buying luxurious stuffs in order to up bring their reputation and maintain a good image to the public.

In order to live and maintain a celebrity lifestyle you have to; treat yourself like a celebrity, be nice and kind to everyone so that you can get positive feedback from your fanatics. You also ought to meet the right people life who will lead you well in the celebrity field, set your financial sights high so that you do not need money to treat yourself or even to get invited to the right events.

Celebrity Life

In being a celebrity one gets a number of privileges that may bring consequential benefits like; getting various favorable opportunities and favors that makes one to become rich easily and be accessed to first hand information, have supporting fans that count on the celebrity as their role model, get recognitions locally and globally hence being treated in special ways everywhere they go.

Apart from that, anyone in celebrity life has to be ready for the pressure of being in the spotlight all the time. For instance, having crazy fans that judge them regularly and pass across maddening rumors that make the celebrities to live a pretentious life in order to meet their fanatics’ expectations.

Most of the time the celebrities have no privacy of their own and when they undergo unpleasant rivalries and have uncertain kind of relationships that always get constant media attacks and as a result they just ought to face the unfair forced judgement.

In conclusion, when one takes an initiative of living a celebrity life, he or she should be ready for a tragic life change because the goals in life, the relationship with people and the role of people in one’s life; changes a lot. When making a concrete decision do it wisely.

By Adah Tanui


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