DJ Miles Speaks After He Was Assalted By The Police, “My Life Is In Danger”


Dj Miles has stated that his life is in danger after he was Assaulted by police officers. Miles was beaern up after he found one of the officers with his wife when he came back from work. The officer called his colleagues and they beat him up.

The beating must have been so hard because his cries woke up the neighbors who recorded the incident in secret.operanews1629394539907

Today the dj has take to social media to post the lady who was at the centre of the assault known as Josephine Kanini and said that he was in danger.

” My life is in danger and Incase of anything Blame this girl Josephine Kanini.” The DJ posted.

He also shared the photo of the lady and this has led to certain reactions from Obare’s followers and fans. This comes in at the time when police brutality is very high.operanews1629394552381

With the recent happening around police officers, people are afraid to let anything go without any videos or photo to back up their stories.


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