Get To Know The Top 6 Highest Paying Professionals In Kenya



  1. Pilot

Persons in aviation industry particularly pilots and the cabin crew members are amongst the most paid professionals across the world. Perhaps this is connected on how aviation course is expensive to undertake. Furthermore flights are very costly. The median yearly salary of a jumbo jet is still so powerful.

  1. Medical Officers

Medical officers earn quite a lot.  Minimum salary of a junior medical officer is 200,000. And most of the medical personnel top up their salaries by engaging in private practices. Most are also lectures and they can work anywhere in the world and earn extremely a lot.

  1. Media Presenters

Media celebrities are taking home a lot of cash. Basically the news anchors and radio presenters. They  take home between 350000 to 1.5m per month. Even  if journalist is one of the best paying carrier, Somebody must toil and gain fame to start earning good money.

4.Information Technology

In Kenya more companies are developing and they need It experts to make them develop smoothly. This has widened the industry that’s promoting a lot of job opportunities. An experienced IT worker in Kenya can be paid upto 500,000 per month.

5. Engineering

In Kenya those who are operating as bachelor’s degree owners receive about 142,500 per month. While civil engineers receive between 130,000 kenyan shilling to 180,000.The offset salary of a civil engineer in Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is over 120,000.An engineer salary depends on sort of firm he is hired.

6. Politicians

Politicians earn huge salary in Kenya.  In fact they are they are the highest paid professionals. A mere MCA earns 300,000 per month. Which is really a good fortune. Despite the fact that politics is a really tough games,  its rewards in terms of payment is remarkable.

By Kelvin


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