Due to the rampard strikes and unrest in our schools  the least allocated academic time is wasted. National exams are around the corner, what is the government doing through the academic cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha so as to cub this?.

These are our own children and something might be there that we are not being told, parents should be allowed in the affected schools to have talks with teachers and school administration. Allow news reporters to collect information from school heads so as to discover the cause of this unruly behavior. Why is Magoha refraining heads to give any information? Will he give us and the public what we want?.

It is very saddening to watch a principal helplessly trying to put on a smile while they try to shun away from informing us on what might be happening behind the curtains. They are all afraid! They received stun warning from someone whose children are all working and others in higher learning institutions.

I have visited three schools but the response has been the same. Soon and very soon I will be updating the public on what is really happening off the cameras. Our teachers and our students need to be heard, let’s try to be humane so as not to be judged harshly by the history. Soon we are unmasking the evils in our schools.

By Mathew Makari.


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