Meet Bonita Lily, A 21 Year Old Business Lady And A Musician, See What Pushed Her To Being Her Own Boss


You probably have seen her in some video music or television. She’s young, beautiful, ambitious and very intelligent; Meet the Face and Brains behind Bonita Lilly brand;

Here’s what she had to say in an interview with JIL Africa;

Kindly walk us through your background. Basically, who you are and what you are doing currently, your age (if you don’t mind), the name of your business and your role in it?

Bonita Lilly

My name is Lillian Namiso Marangu Also known as Bonita Lilly the Kenyan Diva. I’m 21 years old. I’m a professional nurse, a musician, a daughter, a sister and a fashion designer.

I own and run Princess Bonita Lilly beauty spot which is a cosmetic, spa, saloon, barber and boutique.

I also own Bonita Lilly Designs which is a Tailoring Design shop

Bonita Lilly Bonita Lilly Bonita LillyBonita Lilly

Where is your business located given that it has a physical location?

All my businesses are both located in Mtwapa Mall along malindi road.

What motivated you to start your business and not any other venture?

I got my motivation when I was in college in South Africa. I was working part time to make some extra money in a nursing home. I didn’t enjoy how my bosses treated me because I was a black. I had a white boss.

The racism treatment hurt me and at the same time pushed me to dream of never working under someone. So, when I was done with the nursing course, I worked for an year apprenticeship at a nursing home.

It’s was then that I realized nursing wasn’t my passion and I started thinking of something I’d love which came along the lines of beauty, fashion and designs.

I started saving up money to open my business.

Along the value chain, what are some of the key challenges that your business is facing and how are you tackling them?

The challenges in my business came with this pandemic. People don’t want to step out and do shopping or have their beauty done.

So, I’m receiving less clients than usual. That’s why I decided to start a new way of service which is a home service.

I make sure my workers are following the Covid 19 restrictions, the wearing of a mask and sanitizing frequently and they get dropped at the client’s home.

What’s your expansion strategy, like what’s your plan on going big?

My plan is to open different branches of my Bonita Lilly designs because I want my designs to be worn everywhere around the world.

My main focus is to open branches of my design shops starting from kenya and soon will expand around Africa 🙏

Did you start your business with a Business Plan? How is it affecting your business operations?

Yes I did, a business plan is number one key to someone wishing to start a business. So far, we are doing good but I can tell you everything didn’t go as planned but it went perfectly.

How do you finance your business and which advice can you give those wishing to join the entrepreneurship/investment train?

I financed my business with money I saved up while working at a nursing home in South Africa. More so, my parents toped me up my capital and I was able to open my first business: Princess Bonita Lilly Beauty spot.

For Bonita Lilly designs, I opened it with the profits from the Beauty spot and a little boost from my mum.

Do you have a website and social media handles that consumers and other interested parties can reach you on? What else do you venture in? Could you also share sample pics of your business? Kindly share the links if possible.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, I’m also a musician singing a variety of songs. I have a YouTube Channel by the name Bonita Lilly. Links to my YouTube Channel and one of my recent songs together with Social Media pages is as listed below. I would love and appreciate if you subscribed to my channel.

Instagram page; Princess Bonita Lilly for my beauty spot

Bonita Lilly Designs for my design shop

YouTube link;     Bonita Lilly 



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