Top 5 Most Demanding And Profitable Businesses That You Can Start In Any Village

  • Poultry Farm.

Poultry farming business does not require a lot of capital, in a small piece of land you can start rearing chicken. Buy small chicken and rear them for some weeks, you can buy as many as your farm can accommodate. When they are ready get a market or sell them to wholesalers. As the business grows add poultry that will produce eggs for sale.

  • Fertilizers and Seeds Store

Agriculture is the most common activity practiced in the Villages. Farmers want to see their crops grow healthy, hence they need good fertilizers and good seeds to facilitate heavy produce. Perhaps it is the cheapest business to start in the village. You can also sell animal feeds,  pesticides,  animal drugs and many other.

  • Clothing StoreBusinesses

Most of the local people in the village  want good clothing but it’s hard to access them from larger towns and cities. Opening a clothing store in a village makes it easier for them to access latest clothing designs and good quality fabrics. Get suppliers who will bring a variety of clothes based on commission.

  • Electronics, Mobile and Accessories Store

Every one in the village wants to communicate with their family and friends in other areas. Settings up an affordable store for electronics and mobile accessories can be a success in the village.

  • Medical CenterBusinesses

Private medical facilities are rare in the rural areas unlike in urban cities. Most medical facilities are public owned by the government to provide basic healthcare services and they lack adequate specialist and facilities hence one has to get a transfer. Get qualified medical personnel, best medicine and equipment to facilitate treatment, Villagers will not have to travel to urban hospitals for medication.

This should include a private medical laboratory and a pharmacy. And you will earn pretty a lot from venturing into this business.

By Kelvin Kwemoi.


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