Meet Kenya‘s Unknown Billionaires Who Live Their Own Private Lives


Below is a list of Kenyan wealthy(billionaire) individuals who live like kings yet they tend to keep their day-to-day activities and lifestyles hidden from the press.

  1. Mwaura JosphatBillionaires

The outgoing CEO of KPMG East Africa, Josphat Mwaura, is a tycoon who does not love being recognized publicly. After publishing the names of the top taxpayers in the world, his job was declared void by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The corporate tycoon is a licensed bookkeeper and Harvard graduate.

  1. Gitahi GachahiBillionaires

Ernst & Young’s Vocal CEO (EY) has become a global figure. The young entrepreneur does not bow to striking flamboyance throughout his life. The young millionaire, according to KRA, receives about 3.5 million Kenyan shillings per month.

  1. Mike Maina Kamau

Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko introduced Mike Maina Kamau to the public. After he mobilized the destruction of buildings built upon his land in Nyama Villa, Kayole, information about the millionaire became public.

The Nairobi governor continued to hurl insults at the businessman, threatening to demolish his magnificent Marble Arch Hotel, which was built on county land, according to Sonko. The business magnate subsequently emerged and told the press that the mayor’s emotions had harmed his heart.

Following lengthy court hearings, the court found in favor of the millionaire and declared the 2018 eviction to be legal. It’s worth mentioning that the company magnate was compensated Ksh 847,277,351 for the demolition of his Spring Valley home.

  1. Philip Kinisu

The former chairman of the ETC cannot fail to appear on the Kenyan multiplier list. After it happened that he was engaged in the NYS scandal, his time on the EACC was forgotten. Later in 2016, he resigned with a statement

“Following the prolonged negative public debate, my continued role as President of the EACC has become impracticable…”

By Kelvin Kwemoi.


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