Apology Not Accepted! Netizens Dismiss Shaffie Weru And DJ Joe’s apology


Famous Homeboyz Radio presenters Shaffie Weru and Dj Joe Mfalme found themselves in red hot soup following their comments on the unfortunate incident that happened to a beautiful lady called Eunice few days ago.

For starters, the beautiful lady is said to have gone to meet a stranger on their first date in a private place. The guy then started getting much intimate and when Eunice resisted, she was thrown mercilessly off from the 12th floor of a building where she ended up being completely paralysed.

During their early morning show, Shaffie and Mfalme seemed to not understand the sensitivity of this issue and started taking the blame towards the lady for being too desperate to go out to meet a stranger in a very private place.


These comments were not taken lightly by many Kenyans who demanded the two hosts to apologize and on this Friday morning, the presenters did so but once again their apologies have not even pleased anyone at all.

Taking to twitter, KOT have blasted the two celebrities calling their apologies just a PR strategy to save their own careers and not really meant for their shameful act.
Barelyharmes: I’ m not buying this petty apology that was an outright copy and paste of Shaffie’s.

Clearly penned down by your own HR team in hopes to sweep this all under a rug. And why disable comments? ? There needs to be a conversation and you need to engage it and explain yourself well enough.

JemGuru: Even if you are the only two remaining human beings on the entire earth, no one has the right to harm you for whatever reason whatsoever. Your availability should not be deemed to be your vulnerability.

James Mutua: Hii apology ni upuzi tu just trying to protect your own jobs

By Oscar Osoi


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