Harmonize In Tears As He Apologizes To His Ex Wife


Konde Music Worldwide boss Raajab kahali Abdul better known by his fans as Harmoze is a talented bongo flavor artist and a songwriter. With songs like ‘Matatizo’ and ‘happy birthday’ songs being among his most played songs. He is also a songwriter who knows how to play along with words perfectly.

Through his Instagram page, the ‘matatizo’ hitmaker has shared his first live performance on Ceek. He was singing a very emotional song that was more of an apology.

Harmonize was apologizing to his Italian ex-wife Sarah Michelotti, begging her to forgive him for the wrongs he did to her. He appreciates the time they spent together and acknowledged that they had the best moments of their life.

In addition, he went ahead to admit that it was so foolish of him to neglect his daughter Zuuh and begged her mother for forgiveness.

His Tanzanian fans were so amused after listening to the words of his new song. They gave out their different opinions on this and some of those opinions read:operanews1626855447560operanews1626855451074operanews1626855447560 1

What do you think about this apology song by Harmonize? Kindly share your opinion with us in the comment section below.


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