Businessman Jimal Roho Safi Explains Why He Ended His Marriage With Socialite AmberRay

Amber Ray and Amira

Businessman Jimal Roho Safi has explained why he ended his marriage with socialite Amber Ray just a few months after they got married.

Reports has it that the two started dating sometime in December 2020 and got married almost immediately.

Jimal came out soon after to confirm their relationship before going on to advise his wife to appreciate Amber Ray’s presence in their lives.

Jimal said he has now gone back to his first wife.

Everything is in order with my first wife,” he said.

Amber Ray had announced in a Q&A session on her social media that they had indeed split.

Jimal has since been sharing photos of his two children with his first wife.

Asked if Amber Ray is still in his life, Jimal said they are friends.

“We are normal friends, we still talk and we do business together, but nothing in between.”

Asked what caused their separation, Jimal said they were officially married but people break up due to various reasons.

“It was not clout. We got married in the Islamic way, and so the divorce process takes time,” he said.

Kuna talaka ya kwanza, ya pili, ya tatu. I parted ways with her. Yea nikama nimempa talaka.

“We talk but there is no relationship between me and her. She was my wife and I used to get everything and I was doing everything for her. Sometimes someone can take a break.”

The fact that he can let Amber Ray disrespect Amira then goes back to her open arms is disgusting. Anyway my opinion is irrelevant. Kindly follow us for more entertainment new


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