Edgar Obare Exposes Wema Sepetu On This


Wema Sepetu

Socialite Wema Sepetu is currently trending after being exposed by His Teaness, blogger Edgar Obare for lying to her followers that weight loss pills helped her to loose weight.

A source that is close to Wema Sepetu informed Edgar Obare that a Kenyan company sponsored Wema’s entire batraitric surgery including travel. The company hired her as the brand ambassador but as soon as she got to Tanzania, she went silent and did not follow through on the deal.

According to this source, the company allegedly spent 2.5 million Kenyan shillings on Wema Sepetu for her travel to India, cost of surgery and other expenses.

Before Wema travelled to India, the company signed a contract with the Viva Serenity company as a brand ambassador.

Wema Sepetu now doesn’t honour her part of the deal since she claims that diet pills helped her loose weight. She once used a photo of Corazon Kwamboka to advertise the pills on Instagram and when Corazon complained, she turned off commenting on the post. Do y’all remember?

Anyway, eagerly waiting to hear her side of things

By Teenie


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