Nyota Ndogo Dumped Again By Hubby, Henning Neisen


Few months ago Nyota Ndogo’s  pranked her husband and he dumped her, without a word. She desperately tried so hard to get him back.

  After a long silence on her relationship with her mzungu bae Henning Nielsen, musician Nyota Ndogo has finally accepted to move on and let him go.

This happens after the singer’s endless attempts to to get her hubby back; including numerous messages; which went unanswered and she even travelled to look for him

”Plzz come back to me. mimi hata sio pesa nalilia love. Nilikua na act don’t care couse nakula nalala vizuri najilipia bills zangu mwenyewe but one thing nakosa from you ni love. Kumbe pesa sio kila kitu muimu kupata mtu unaempenda na wewe kwako nimefika mwisho yani kama hurudi ntajifia single”

At some point, we thought they would be back together since Nyota Ndogo divulged a sweet message from him; claiming that he misses her.
She was excited and was bashed for being super desperate.

Nyota Ndogo later went silent on her progress of re-uniting with her hubby. But ftom her most recent post on Instagram, it’s clear that her relationship is finally over.

”Kuna mda unaweza kua unapigania kitu Sana na kumbe sio chako Tena. Kiachilie tu kiende. See how happy I am ni kwasababu nimekubali.”

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