Drama As Man Is Killed In Relationship Wrangles In Embakasi


“In a murder most foul, a 24-year-old man lost his life last night, after a deep stab was inflicted on his neck……”

On arrival at her house located on the fourth floor of Charles Mberia Flats, he found Carol with two other men making merry, as they imbibed drinks. According to witness staements taken by our officers, an infuriated Mburu demanded to know what the two were doing in her house.

An argument then ensued between the estranged lovebirds, leading to the deceased’s stabbing. It is however not clear to our investigators, as to who amongst the three, stabbed the deceased.

What is clear though, is that Mburu crept down the flight of stairs with blood gushing out of his neck ostensibly to seek help, but sadly, collapsed as he approached the apartment’s gate. He bled profusely to his last breath.

Pauline Naliaka who lives in the apartment reported hearing some commotion from upstairs. “When I got outside, I found many people in the compound some saying that somebody had been killed and upon moving closer, I found out that the deceased was Henry Mburu Njeri,” she said.

Caroline Mutinda alongside her two guests William Nderitu and one only identified as Eshikimu, have since been placed in custody. They will be arraigned in court on Tuesday next week, to answer to murder charges.

Investigations into the murder are still ongoing, with efforts to recover the murder weapon being intensified. Meanwhile, Scenes of crime detectives documented the scene for further clues into the murder.

By Teenie


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