He Did Not Go To South Africa! Ringtone’s Big Lie Exposed


Everyone knows Ringtone, his lies, his attention seeking dramas and all attention, way too much.
Well, he has been caught in another lie, which kind of gospel musician is this

Just yesterday, gospel singer informed his fans that he is going to South Africa to seek medical attention after blogger Robert Alai clobbered him on the head with a rungu in a road rage incident.

According to Ghafla news, Ringtone flew to Seychelles and not South Africa.

“This guy ameenda Seychelles, my friend landed and bumped into him kwa airport,”┬áthe source stated

Netizens of course reacted to his shenanigans with hilariously savage jabs.

ericcoh_debest: Watibu hadi kizungu yake…Kwani ni kesho.

okay.afrika_: Ati pray at me.iam_tesh_mer: South Africa na jambojet.

vinviny8638: Apoko aiii usijali binguni rungu ni Moja na ni ya yesu tu na inaponya. Hakuna kuenda treatment.

mymiss_gina: Anaenda wapi na nguo zinakaa za Nurse.

almarula: We shall pray at you drama boy.

pawrent41: Pole kwa Rungu.


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