DP Ruto Outlines His Plans, Says He Won’t Negotiate With Tribal Kingpins


It is said that the deputy President, Mr William Ruto, is on a political reinvention, and it now seem like he’s fashioning and molding his style of politics to focus on ordinary Kenyans.

In a statement release shortly at the end of a three-day meeting with Mount Kenya leaders, the deputy president stated that while political roles had been created and power had been shared, it had done little to change Kenyans’ lives.

As a result, the country’s second-ranking official is turning gears, advocating for a new political dialogue centered on common citizens rather than politicians, as well as a new bottom-up economic model rather than trickle-down economics.

The ethnic political paradigm of it being our community’s turn to lead, as well as trickle-down economics, he believes, are the most significant impediments to the country’s political, economic, and social growth potential.

In terms of the economy, DP Ruto has criticized the country’s economic design, arguing that it has left nearly half of the population poor.

He has positioned his hustler narrative—his self-proposed bottom-up economic model—as a solution to unemployment and a means of achieving upward economic mobility.

By Teenie


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