Deputy President Reveals When And How His Relationship With Uhuru Changed


Deputy President, William Ruto, Thursday night evening described his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta revealing when his bromance with the Head of State took a different dimension.

Speaking on live interview at his Karen home with Citizen TV, the Deputy President has said that during the first term, he and the president had cordially worked well cooperating in ensuring the Jubilee Manifesto was fully implemented.

The deputy president says the Bromance died in 2017.


“You cannot with certainty say that you monitor when I talk or not talk to my boss…admittedly we have challenges …It is in the public domain that the way we worked up until 2017 is different to the way we work now. It is a choice of style…” DP Ruto has said.

According to DP Ruto, his relationship with President Uhuru took another dimension after other players joined the government through the handshake in the year 2018 hence his position was taken by other leaders.

Ruto says that it’s only after the handshake that the Jubilee Party changed its tune focusing more on the Handshake, Coalitions which later gave birth to the Building Bridges Initiative,hence pausing the implementation of the Jubilee Manifesto.

The Deputy President has however said that he cannot regret what happened to him and that he has done the best he could as the Deputy President.

By Teenie


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