Comedian YY Claps At Risper Faith After She Exposed Her Housegirl


Comedian YY has clapped at Risper Faith i after shr shared information about her Domestic manager or rather house girl who she claims is an alcoholic.

As seen on a post shared by Risper Faith, she posted on Instagram accussing her house girl of drinking her whisking, adding that it was very expensive. She then disclosed that the girl would then add water to cover her tracks. Risper wrote,

‘Whats wrong with house helps nowadays? How can you drink all my whisky and add water and I can see you on the camera?’

You might think that she’s done with the Exposé but nooo, Risper went on to brag about buying the house girl a new phone; yet she can confidently ‘steal’ from her.

‘Just after I bought her a new phone.’

Well, with all this information seem to have rubbed comedian YY the wrong way; who in turn responded with a clap back that has sparked reactions online.

Not quite sure why YY took it so personal but in response to Risper’s post, he wrote;

“She can’t live with an alcoholic yet she lives inside herself.”

Some housegirls run off with properties, others with children and then there’s this one crying over pee, shame! Shame! (Add the GOT Bell) anyway what’s your thoughts?


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