Lessons from the Christian Ethics Exercise

The Christian ethics exercise taught me that today’s society is characterized by an ethics crisis amongst believers, the church, and the entire world. The difference between right or wrong is no longer obvious.

However, despite the ethics crisis, Christians have the duty of announcing the gospel, professing their faith, worshipping God, following God’s law, walking in the truth, and living their lives according to the will of God.

From the ethics crisis, it is evident that Christians need to allow biblical teachings to guide all their decisions since God’s moral character, which is eternal, unchanging, and supremely good, is the moral standard.

Your job isn’t to judge. – Your job isn’t to figure out if someone deserves something or decide who is right or wrong. – Your job is to lift the fallen, restore the broken, and heal the hurting.

~Joel Osteen~

Furthermore, according to the ethics crisis, God shows approval or disapproval for our actions by showering us with blessings or curses, respectively. The Bible illustrates this in Leviticus 26:3, which indicates that God tremendously blesses the people who walk in his statutes and threatens horrible curses on the people who disobey his word.


After taking up the ethics course, I intend to change the manner and the process I follow when making decisions that concern my life. I plan to base all my decisions on biblical teachings. Moreover, I intend to critically evaluate all my actions while having Jesus Christ as the standard for my morality.

Since there is confusion today in distinguishing between right and wrong, I will intentionally focus on avoiding the confusion by reading the bible and mastering God’s word. Additionally, I will strive to gain the courage to share the word of God with the people I relate with regularly to help clear their confusion in distinguishing moral from immoral actions.

By Shadrack Wandera


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