Differences Between An Entrepreneur And A Businessperson You Didn’t Know About


In the current business world one will enter as an entrepreneur or as a businesswoman or businessman. An entrepreneur is a person who creates a new enterprise with a new idea or concept, undertaking  commercial activities. The art of creating a new enterprise with a new idea is called entrepreneurship, whereas a businessman or as a businesswoman is someone who sets up a business with an existing idea offering products and services to the customers

Difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman.

  • A businessman makes his place in the market while an entrepreneur creates a market.
  • A businessperson is a market player while an entrepreneur is market leader.
  • A businessman has a low risk of failure while an entrepreneur has a high risk failure.
  • A businessman or businesswoman as high competition while an entrepreneur has low competition.


In addition the Profit margin between an entrepreneur and a businessman or businesswoman also varies greatly. An entrepreneur makes a high profit while a businessman makes an average profit. This is because an entrepreneur creates an enterprise with a new idea, thus being the market leader resulting to high profits. In the other hand a businessman creates an enterprise with an existing idea thus making his place in the market resulting to average profits because of the competition that exists in the market.

Finally A businessman is just a business personnel but an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, an organizer, a risk taker, a manager at the same time. The former focuses on competition, but the latter gives emphasis on coordination and cooperation of all the resources.

In any case anyone who wants to venture into business should purpose to be an entrepreneur and not a businessman.


Prepared by Kelvin Kwemoi


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