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Are you in campus or out of campus? Do you have limited capital but very anxious in investing? I want to list some of the business ideas you can venture in and see yourself grow to a successful business man or woman. If you are a student in campus or do stay around its environment, then this is the idea you should be having.

In the past years, I noted that doing business in campus is the most rewarding experience you would ever have. It brings out an entrepreneur in you beside offering you a huge clientele base in the locality Additionally, given that the clients fall in the same age group(comrade), it is easier to tailor your services or goods to match their specific tastes and preferences.

If you are a student yourself, that is a bonus since you know what kind of a service or good a ‘comrade’ will always want. One of the most defining characteristics is that they usually have a taste for affordable but trending merchandise, be it clothing or gadgets. With a lot of spare time at their disposal, your customers in campus are always looking for something to keep them engaged during this spare time.


Below are some of the smartest legal business ideas that you can do with a minimal capital;

  • Make up and general cosmetics business
  • Khaki business
  • A movie shop
  • ‘Kinyozi’
  • Selling concert tickets
  • Coffee business
  • Salon business
  • Selling blended juice
  • Ice cream business

However, before embarking on choosing your business idea, you should have to ask yourself a number of questions;

  • What is your business goal? Both short term and long term?
  • What is your locality?
  • What kind of resources do you have at the moment that you can use to boost your potential business?
  • How is your time schedule?
  • Do you have additional sources of financing just incase things don’t go as planned?

With those in mind, go on and draft a comprehensive plan  which will be  a guideline to making your idea materialize as planned. This will act as a reference document that you’ll need to check on at regular intervals to confirm that they are on the right track.

We realize the importance of having a good business plan and soon I will take you through;

  1. A comprehensive business plans
  2. Its importance
  3. How to make maximum use from it
  4. How to improve your business sales

Author: Edwin Simiyu


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