‘Killer Cop’ Caroline Kangongo Commits Suicide In Her Home Town


Fugitive cop Corprol Caroline Kangogo who has been on the run after being accused of murdering two men, is dead.

The Nakuru based corporal shot herself dead at her parents’ home in¬†Marakwet County¬†this morning on the 16th.

The incident has been confirmed by Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya.

Kangogo was the main suspect behind the killing of Police Constable John Ogweno, in Nakuru and Juja businessman Peter Njiru Ndwiga.

For more than a week, the policewoman, described as a sharpshooter, was still on the loose after managing to escape several police dragnets.

A multiagency team that had been formed to track her, had resorted to looking for her physically after she stopped using her phone.

Corporal Caroline Kangogo yesterday spoke from her hideout giving those who are hunting for her one condition for her to surrender.

According to sources on the communication between, caroline and the detectives, caroline wished not to be detained in any of police station as she feared for her life due to the increased cases of extrajudicial killings in police cells believed to be executed by police.

She also feared due to the increased cases of suspects disappearing mysteriously and later on being found dead.


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