What’s Next For William Ruto After MPs Embarrass Him?


What you should know;

  • MPs vote and pass the BBI
  • Kimani Ngunjiri voted YES.
  • Ruto likely to lose in the G.E 2022

Politricks or Politics? Stronzo Troia said in his Book 2 of the Stronzata Trilogy, ‘political winds change.’ It is not fiction, neither is it a work of imagination; it is happening in Kenya.

Yesterday 7th May, the National Assembly played a crucial role as part of their job description by deciding the fate of the BBI Bill. As the legislatures burned their midnight oil to vote, most of them, including those believed to be anti-BBI, voted YES. 

The BBI bill was supported by the Yes side by 235 votes against 83 votes from those that voted NO. It’s on Wednesday that President Uhuru Kenyatta and Honorable Raila Odinga urged the National Assembly to pass the bill.

While it was expected that the Tangatanga side and Anti-BBI would outnumber team pro-BBI, the latter had an easy victory. Some of the vocal MPs allied to DP Ruto, like Kimani Ngunjiri, voted YES during the vote.

Nominated MP David Sankok, Purity Kathambi, Malulu Injendi, Joash Nyamoko, and William Chepkut, all come and are attached to the Tangatanga camp. Surprisingly, they defied the camp’s loyalty to cast out the Bill and instead passed it. 

Is this another sign? Over the past, Tangatanga has faced a rebellious-like force. For instance, in the recently concluded by-elections conducted in early March, the UDA party, which is also a Pro-Ruto party, lost in Kabuchai, Matungu, and Machakos.

They had also previously lost a not-so-good signal to the Ruto camp. The Deputy President launched his campaigns early, perhaps, immediately after the elections that saw him and the president secure a second term in office.

Losing this much, especially the just-concluded vote in the National Assembly, sends a strong message and failure signal to the Deputy and his allies. 

If they fail to go back to the drawing board and design a system and strategies that can pull them out of the mud, 2022 is a stone throw away.

Winning the elections to DP Ruto, will be like witnessing what Gas Northcote saw while fighting Otenyo Nyamaterere and Moraa Ngiti rebellion.

By Samuel Sure


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