Meet Six Kenyan Ladies Who Are Really Doing Well In The Music Industry


For Some times now Fans have been murmuring about the most beautiful and stylish lady in Kenyan music industry. This top six ladies are not only pretty but also highly talented and blessed with nice vocals. Their songs have always done much better in terms of viewership and the number of subscribers in youtube.

  1. Nadia MukamiNadia Mukami

He is a young talented beautiful girl who has produced many hitting songs like Radio love and many more, for  just three years she has been in the industry and the impact has been awesome.

  1. Tanasha Donna

He is a famous Kenyan singer who gained his popularity when he produced a hitting song called Gere. He is a beautiful lady who has stayed in the industry for some times now, and  produced many songs.

  1. Vivian

Vivian is a talented star who has produced many songs like a woman in love and many more. She is a beautiful lady and a wonderful woman who loves his body.

  1. Avril

This lady has stayed in the industry for a long time now. She is an amazing lady who knows to keep his body fresh and beautiful. She’s also doing great in the industry.

  1. Femi One

She is a young talented lady who sings rap music. Is a beautiful and stylish lady who wears fashionable clothes. His hit song was” Utawezana” which she featured Major.  She has continued to shine especially in the Gengetone music genre.

  1. Victoria KimaniVictoria Kimani

Victoria is a Kenyan singer and song writer. She is a beautiful lady with a wonderful body shape. That aside she’s also doing great in the music industry.

By Kelvin Kwemoi.


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