An Inspiration: Meet Student CEO Who Is The Next Big Thing


Meet the student CEO of our blog. Here is what he had to say with an interview with JIL Africa;

Kindly walk us through your background. Basically, who you are and what you are doing currently, your age (if you don’t mind), the name of your business and your role in it?


I’m Edwin Simiyu Wafula a fourth-year student in Maseno University taking Bachelor Of Science Mathematics and Economics with IT and I’m 22 years of age.

Apart from studying, I’m a Graphic Designer, a Website Developer, a Data Analyst and a Digital Marketer. I’m also the Founder and the C.E.O of JIL Africa and JIL Graphics.

JIL Africa is a news blog agency who are focused on talking about social, political, economic issues including technology, business, entrepreneurship, investment, lifestyle, trade, globalization, poverty, environment and health related matters.

On the other hand, JIL Graphics is a Multidisciplinary Digital Agency who are focused on helping Brands and Businesses (SME’s) achieve their goals, accelerate growth and win customers through the power of Design, Digital Marketing/Social Media and Website Development.


What motivated you to start your business and not any other venture?

My passion in technology and its trend made me invest in this field because I would love to explore more and through that, I thought it should also be a source of income.

More so, I had the urge doing an investment and now that I never had capital I opted to start this investment since it only requires your skill.


Along the value chain, what are some of the key challenges that your business is facing and how are you tackling them?

Now that I meet most of my clients online, the biggest challenge has always been the means to get clients. I tackled this by enrolling to some Digital Marketing Course by Google and got certified. I used the skills learnt to help me get clients online since I had the knowledge on how this Social Media Pages work.

Another challenge has always been the lack of trust by new clients since the mode of payment in my business has always been receiving either a down payment or a full payment before delivering our services. I tackle this through talking to our clients and also referring them to clients we have worked or we still work with. This means has always worked since we aim at client’s satisfaction and they will always refer us to new clients and we appreciate that.


What’s your expansion strategy, like what’s your plan on going big?

Saving is my expansion strategy since from the savings I’ll be able to hire more content creators, web developers and software developers also setting up a better physical location.


Did you start your business with a Business Plan? How is it affecting your business operations?

Yes I did and I like it since most of the things are happening as planned before. I believe having a goal before starting to do something matters a lot.


How do you finance your business and which advice can you give those wishing to join the entrepreneurship/investment train?

As I said before my investment only requires skills and you are good meet clients and solve their problems. However, when setting up my website I had some little savings that I used to come up with one that is; paying for the domain name, its hosting and SSL Certificate. I did the designing of the website alone so no labor cost was required.

The advice I can give to those wishing to join this investment train is;

  • Always start small
  • Keep your job and start at night/weekends.
  • Don’t hire anyone until you have to.
  • Keep it going as long as possible without borrowing.
  • Keep your expenses low

Starting small increases your likelihood of success remarkably

Lastly which is more important is to always put God first in everything.


Would you mind telling us some of your achievements and the other involvements you have taken part in?

I wouldn’t mind about saying that since it’s part of my journey.

My achievements include;

  • Being named the excellent and outstanding performer in Fursa Africa Group which is also a news blog agency
  • I’m student and making it all through to this period is remarkable
  • Helping some start-up business Mannequin Brands record an increase in sells through my knowledge of digital marketing
  • Setting up my investments and seeing them grow big on a daily basis
  • Being named as one of the nominees by Founder Of The Year Awards(FOYA) under Mediapreneur Of The Year Under Age 2021.
  • FOYA Awards
  • Being named the excellent and outstanding Attachee at the Ministry of Roads And Public Works – Bungoma where I was attached in the Department of Finance

My involvements include;

  • Founder and C.E.O at JIL Africa and JIL Graphics
  • Volunteer at the International Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) of Kenya
  • Member at the Opportunities Of Kenya Group
  • Shareholder at Fursa Africa group
  • Being the Lead Graphic Designer of some organizations; Reign Dental Services, Salu Solutions, ICRF Kenya, Art Click Media, Mannequin Brands, Kezziah Kids Collection, Chana Yehu Africa, JHR Jobs Connect, Fellar Trends just to mention but a few of them
  • Being a personal Graphic Designer of some Top Public Figures including some Few Politicians


Do you have a website and social media handles that consumers and other interested parties can reach you on? Could you also share sample pics of your business? Kindly share the links if possible.

For JIL Africa;

For JIL Graphics;

WhatsApp: 0743499854

Here are some of his sample designs;

Shee Trends KE Business Card Design
Calvery Tabernacle International Flyer Design
ICRF Flyer Design
FORD 2021
Shoe Cribb Flyer Design
JHR Jobs Connect Flyer Design
KIU Freezer a water company Logo design and branding
Luanda Constituency Website
Luanda Constituency Website Development
Reign Dental Services Website Development


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