Sonko’s Daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, In An Online War With Ex Husband’s New Wife


Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has used her Instagram page to address an issue concerning ex-husband’s wife Mrs. Aeedah Bambi.

Speaking during a live video, Saumu claimed that Bambi is using a fake Instagram account to stalk and monitor her. (Didn’t she deny few days ago that he doesn’t know her baby daddy or Bambi?)

Saumu claimed that this young lady is watching her steps secretly and even trying to find out who Saumu dates at the moment.

Saumu claimed that Bambi is even trying to find secret information concerning her rich friends. Saumu Mbuvi claimed that she does not know why Bambi keeps on following and investigating her private life, she went on to talk on the video.

Immediately after the live video, Bambi started sending harsh comments to Saumu claiming that she should tell people who give her fake information to stop. Bambi claimed that she has no time for Saumu’s fake stories. She went on claiming that silence is the best weapon for cowards like Saumu. operanews1628185340032

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