Conjestina’s Family Breaks Silence On Reports That Claimed She Set Her House On Fire, Reveal This


The family of Conjestina Achieng has broken their silence after reports emerged stating that the legendary boxer had set her  house on fire in their rural village in Gem Siaya county.

In an interview with sports journalist Carol Radull, the family refuted claims that Conjestina set the house on fire and that the cause of the infernk which erupted on yestanight is yet to be established.IMG 20210827 WA0025

“All her clothes got burnt but the house and belts are safe. The fire was inside the house but went off before getting to the roof,” she stated.

A police detective privy to the ordeal however contradicted the statement made by the family and stated that it was Achieng who set the house on fire.

Conje, as she is popularly known to Kenyans made a name for herself during her peak in the boxing arena but now lives a miserable life and voiced her concerns about being neglected by a country that once adored her.IMG 20210827 WA0024

Carroll Radull has lamented that Conje needs rehabilitation to help her abandon the use of harmful drugs and stated that the former boxer was not mad but needs to be appreciated and feel useful again.



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