20-year-Old Serial killer Confesses Why He Sucks His Victim’s Blood Before Killing Them


20-year-old serial killer Masten Milimu Wanjala has confessed that he sucked blood from the veins of his victims before killing them or leaving them to die slowly.

Wanjala was arrested on yestaday, Wednesday by DCI detectives for the brutal murder of two children aged 12 and 13 respectively from Shauri Moyo in Nairobi.

According to DCI, Masten has brutally murdered at least 10 children within the last five years.

The DCI further said that the suspect would dispose bodies of his victims in bushes at Lower Kabete. At times, Milimu would throw bodies in sewages at different places in Nairobi.

He confessed that he killed his first victim at the age of 16 years. The victim, Purity Maweu was a 12 year old girl from Kiima Kimwe Machakos county. The suspect sucked her blood and left her to die.

Three years later, he killed a 13-year old boy from Kimilili in Bungoma county. The death of Aaron caused residents of Kamukuywa village to demonstrate and torched down a house that they believed belonged to the suspect.

It is also alleged that he killed two boys from Kitengela and Mlolongo respectively after luring them to his trap. The two, whose bodies have never been found, were dumped in a sewage.

DCI detectives have further revealed that the suspect used a white substance to blow on his victims’ faces or forced them to consume it before committing the crimes.

Wanjala has also revealed that he killed a child in there village and he was given a herbal medicine which makes him killing. I quote his statement, ” Niliuwa mtoto wa kwanza huko kwetu nyumbani halafu wakanipea dawa, hiyo ndio inanifanya niuwe” Furthermore, he revealed why he killed the two children by stating that, “niliwaitisha pesa lakini hawakutuma”


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