DP William Ruto Responds To Khaligragh Jones’ Request For Help


As the country and the world at large are fighting the Covid-19  pandemic, the disease seems to be affecting and suffocating more people including  those who are negative for the disease.

The pandemic has led to an economic crisis rendering many people below the poverty line. A lot of people all over the world are struggling with their financial situations. Most Kenyans are crying for help after the regulations imposed by presidential Uhuru Kenyatta seems to be affecting them negatively instead of helping them.

The regulations imposed were meant to protect Kenyans  from getting and spreading the disease but instead as things are going, Kenyans are going to die of hunger and not Corona virus.


All sectors were affected by the regulations imposed by the president to curb the spread of the disease. The most recent one where the president locked five counties which are the hotspot of the corona virus- Nairobi being one of them, has caused a lot of woes in the entertainment industry.

Entertainers are crying for the president to unlock the country so that they can bring something on the table and also pay their bills. The most recent one being Khaligragh Jones who jotted down his message to the Deputy president Dr. William Ruto asking him to work together with him to help musician and in return Khaligragh will compaign for Dp Ruto for free in the coming election.

The message reached Dp Ruto and via his Instagram account, he replied to Khaligragh saying he is aware of the situation and he is willing to work together with him to support the entertainment industry.

By Kelvin


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