DP Ruto’s Biggest “Lie” Exposed


Kitutu Chache’s Member of Parliament Richard Onyanka has asked Kenyans to not be fooled that Deputy President William Ruto is fighting or being fought by the ‘deep state’
Ruto has been appearing as a victim of the said cabal of faceless but powerful, influential andindividuals, with his allies claiming that the group is out to block his 2022 presidential bid.

Speaking on Tv47, Onyonka, dismissed these claims, saying that Ruto is actually a member of the institution and is only trying to play political games.

He argues that the deep state are simply the people with big say in the government of the day, which Ruto has been a member of for almost 10 years, which, for him, means that the DP is deep state.

“Ruto is a member of the deep state. He has been in government for 10 years and enjoys state resources and has built resources over those years. He also enjoys the largess of being a Deputy President,”

For him, the fight being witnessed between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto is, therefore, not one between deep state and an ordinary Kenyan but one between two deep states.

He added that the DP’s remarks against the government are a strategy to help him escape from the failures of the government, which could weigh him down and lower his winning chances in 2022.



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