What This Bold Priest Told Leaders, In Ruto’s Presence



Deputy President William Ruto today Joined the people of Kilifi North for Sunday Mass at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Kilifi County and later went on to greeting the Kilifi residents.

In his his preaching, the bold Catholic Priest was very categorical and in his sermon where he dwelt majorly on how leaders should take care of their people, the subjects.

He urged the leaders to ensure that the the Covid-19 money should be used prudently to serve all Kenyans and should not be Squandered into people’s pockets.

The priest also encouraged leaders to Promise Kenyans about a peaceful elections in 2022 arguing that many people are worried and scared due to high Political temperatures since the the campaigns have already started.

He also brashed on Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) saying that even if leaders change laws and there are no good leaders to implement them, then all shall be the same.

He urged leaders to always lead by example and avoid scattering their subjects, try to know how their subjects are doing and avoid listening to a few who may cheat that all is well “kumbe vitu Ni tofauti kwa ground.” He prayed that as leaders baskets are getting full, so should be for the common man.


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