New Twist On Caroline Kangongo Case As Detectives Discover This At The Maize Plantation



The question of whether Caroline Kangogo Killed Herself or not remains a complex puzzle for many Kenyans even as police continue to push the agenda that the police Corporal committed suicide.

KOT detectives have declared that she was murdered as some of the set up on her alleged suicide raised lots of questions.

Kangogo was a wanted person after she allegedly shot John Ongweno and Peter Ndwiga a few weeks ago. Police had been searching for her everywhere to no success.

The police had initially claimed that Caroline met her parents before committing suicide something that her mother denied.

There was also a question of how Caroline managed to slip into the compound without anyone’s notice.

  • However, according to standard news paper, there were further footprints that were found in the maize farm which could mean someone else was around. The detectives have promised to establish exactly what happened to Caroline Kangogo even as she rests in peace.



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