Ezekiel Mutua Ridicules Kenyans Initiative On Social Media, Asking IMF To Stop loaning Kenyans Money


The Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, has taken a swipe at a section of Kenyans on Twitter who have been running an online campaign to caution the International Monetary Fund (IMF) against lending money to Kenya.

Mutua informed the Kenyans that their power lies on their ballot and not the outbursts caused on social media.

He further stated that the IMF does not carry its activities on social media; thus, the petition might be inconsequential.

The outspoken CEO further explained that negotiations regarding the loans could only be done by the leaders who get their mandate from voters who elect them.

So Kenyans should just approach their leaders.

According to Mutua, the IMF petition may not go beyond social media.

“Your sovereign power lies at the ballot box. Once you cast your vote, you can only exercise vigilance, but essentially you donate your power to your representatives after voting. You can petitition IMF, but they do not sign contracts on social media. We are a peculiar lot indeed!”

However, Twitter users could not have any of his lectures, saying it was their right to protest in whatever way they deemed fit.


Here are some of their comments,


Wrong! Citizens’ role doesn’t end at the ballot, it continues through vigilance and part of being vigilant is calling government to order when it breaches its contract with the electors. We all know your mouth is full so you’ve to be subservient.


But ndugu, you have used social media to communicate matters that you’d otherwise do in other official channels. Stop lecturing everyone on everything. Let the people use every and any legal means available to vent, to pronounce, to protest and even to appraise. You can’t censor!

Tuesday, April 6, was the third day since Kenyans took to social media to express their concerns regarding Kenya’s latest KSh 257 billion by the IMF.

The loan was approved last Friday, April 2, the lender saying the package was aimed at cushioning Kenya against the COVID-19 pandemic whose third wave continues to ravage.

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